Andreas Fogarasi. Nine Buildings, Stripped

Nov 25, 2020

Last year, on November 2019, the Kunsthalle Wien exhibited the work of Andreas Fogarasi in an exhibition curated by Maximilian Geymüller titled Nine Buildings, Stripped. The show exemplifies the artist’s focus on processes of urban transformation and their manifestations in surfaces. The wall-mounted and freestanding “material packages” are composed of original fragments of buildings that no longer exist and patterns or parts of the visible exterior of the structures that replaced them or into which they were converted. They present radically abstract portraits of specific urban situations across time, reduced to the materiality, colours, and tactile qualities of the physical shells.

Andreas Fogarasi’s art brings the interfaces between fine art, design, architecture and social reality into focus. The city with its manifold surfaces and densely aggregated phenomena is a central object of Fogarasi’s observations. In works in two dimensions, sculptures, installations, and videos, he scrutinizes the built urban space and its transformations in their political, economic, cultural, and sociological dimensions.

Karlsplatz, Kunsthalle Wien 13/11/2019 – 02/02/2020

Image Credits

Andreas Fogarasi, Atelieransicht, 2019, © Andreas Fogarasi & BILDRECHT GmbH, 2019, Courtesy der Künstler. Photographs: Kunsthalle Wien

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