Exhibition by Gabriele di Matteo curated by Giorgio Verzotti

Exhibition held at FL Gallery / Wizard Gallery

From October 8th 2019 till January 12th, 2020.

Blue Braque was the solo-show by Gabriele Di Matteo, curated by Giorgio Verzotti. This exhibition was hosted at Federico Luger Gallery (FL Gallery), where the artist managed to transform the space by splitting it: creating an identical second staircase connecting the main space for the exhibition with the first floor where the gallery’s offices are. The new ladder is identical to the first, apart from the material used to make it; in this case wood instead of metal. This ghost ladder created an empowering impression of entering a parallel dimension, as if the viewer was transported back to the days of Georges Braque. At the same time as establishing a connection to the narrative of the work of the French Cubist painter through the allusions to thematic ideas concerns spaces.

“Nature morte avec crane” (2019) replicates that of Braque’s from 1938; “Balustre et crane“. Both paintings focus on Vanitas through the portrait of guéridons, skulls and guitars. The exhibition path includes a large self-portrait made from a photograph of Braque This particular work is characterised by an utter black and white, except for the detail of a colour tube’s label, in blue. This blue is what gives the tittle to the exhibition.  Always attracted by the possibilities of copying, Gabriele di Matteo  reproduced an article found by chance in a magazine of the Sixties, about the last hours of life of the great French master. It seems that before he died he asked for his blue to be brought to him. What will have been among the many possible blues in painting is not known, and it was precisely this not-knowing that Gabriele di Matteo articulated his narration, unlikely as perhaps the source was, a journalistic article that could be a fragmentary invention, uncertain as the news that spread through word of mouth without any certainty in a fascinating journey. 

Image Credits: FL Gallery and Gabriele di Matteo ©  | Special acknowledgement: Giorgio Verzotti