Bruna Esposito show at MUNTREF in Buenos Aires

Dec 2, 2020

As of March 13 2020, the MUNTREF Art and Nature Center will exhibit “¿Qué puede el humo hacerle al hierro?” by Bruna Espósito, one of the most important figures in contemporary Italian art. The artist will intervene in the entire space of the Museum with installations in dialogue between them, resulting in a game of cross references that cross themes linked to nature. With the support of the Italian Embassy in Argentina, this co-production between MUNTREF and the MAXXI-Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo based in Rome invites those present to perceive a movement that goes from earth to water and from fire to air, in an alchemical process that transforms and re-signifies everything.

The curatorial text by Benedetta Casini states “The combination of opposites expresses the need to rethink the given, to establish a new unbalanced balance, such as that revealed in the link between the delicacy of a pearl and the roughness of a plumb line, between the rusticity of bamboo brooms and the preciousness of the marble bases that support them;” hence why  this proposal seeks to enhance the gender perspective, internationalise the art scene, seeks to integrate figures of diverse visual origins and traditions, and fosters collaboration with other museums and international cultural organisations. The exhibition is linked to the construction and reaffirmation of new identities, social tensions, gender, environmental problems, artistic experimentation through materials such as wool, fabrics and wood, and images that refer to the past and daily life, as well as the collective memory of a society, among others.

MUNTREF, Buenos Aires  13/03/2020 – Interrupted

Image Credits

Courtesy of Bruna Esposito © Photographs of the exhibition are courtesy of MUTREF.

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