Riccardo Wolfgang

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the party dj 7
The party is an ancestral ritual, done by almost all civilizations, where people behave differently. DJ´S are the contemporary Shaman´s or group Gurus that change peoples state of mind. Attendands go there to see a performance, a ritual. The DJ´s take it very seriosly, they prepare their session, they dress, preprare lights to perform this moment.

THE PARTY SERIES is about a silent perspective of a moment or situation that involves several aspects of the human being. There are so many things happening at that time: people meet, enjoy, relax… and love sometimes comes around. These series are divided by themes, to separate all the involved elements, so you can contemplate in silence every situation and imagine what was happening.

You are about to enjoy DJ´s CHAPTER 1, a series of 12 pictures taken between 2008 and 2013 in different cities of the world to emphasise the role of the DJ: the catalyst of the party, the figure who determines the pace and controls people´s state of mind.