Hypnotic Transformation project , inspired by conceptualizing traditional Japanese images with wedding Kimono , Samurai armours, Geta for Orian ( High platform shoes for  Japanese courtesans of Edo period, the difference between Geishas and Orian were significant, as Orian were educated women who were master of a wide range of traditional arts), history of  Yakuski (Japanese gangster) tattoos (Irezumju), is shot of a  woman whose body is covered in tattoos.

Each  transformation from purity , to intriguing warrior , slow seduction and finally submission where the rope artist Shibari  use rope  to design stunning patterns that bind and accentuate the curves of her body. It’s about consensual art of experimentation and stimulation where deepens sense of respect, admiration for her own power to give control, the trust, the art of those who participating.   She is unique, her body is a gift, she is in control of her life. Beautifully printed, each print echoes the superannuated feel of the subject matter. Sexy, edgy, and resilient, Hypnotic Transformation narratives depict women whose sexuality is defined independent of the male.

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