Exhibition by Igor Eskinja.

Shown at FL Gallery / Wizard Gallery, during the Milan Art Week 2019.

From April 2nd till May 29th, 2019.

During the Milan Art Week 2019,  our sister gallery in Milan (FL Gallery) hosted the solo exhibition of Croatian artist Igor Eškinja; “Meditations on the horizon”. For this show the artist proposed a dialogue between two different types of works with the aim to make people reflect on the lack of the horizon in the contemporary society; the current state of things, the non-stop activity in our society, and the ceaseless action in our lives; causing the concept of horizon to gradually disappear. Today we live in a planet that never stops, where electricity runs continuously 24 hours a day, where the global economy that does not sleep, where you can be connected 24/7. With this proposal Igor Eškinja wants to create a new multi-cultural icon that reflects the spiritual and supernatural power of silence, a rare condition in a world that does not stop.

The exhibition is composed of two main types of artworks: a series of photographs from unpublished subjects, and  an installation composed of a group of light-boxes that resemble the shape of empty text balloons, caught in a vertical structure, just like a totem that becomes a monument to silence, just as metaphor of what silence has become in our daily lives: a rare condition. The photographs were created by using the technique of anamorphosis. Constructing the images from a black line drawn and placed inside his studio, which in reality is an electrical cable. From this standpoint, the images have to be interpreted as documentation of a sculpture, of an installation or a performance, without fully being that, given the fact that it is a presence on its own.

Image Credits: FL Gallery and Igor Eskinja ©