Danilo Buccella (b. 1974, Liestel) is an italian artist. His works found a space between figurative and abstract painting. His characters usually represent the figure of the “explorer” , a magical indivudual who interacts with a sort of hyper-nature. In his painting process he applies various layers of colors and images, creating a variegate palette of colors. Raised among the countryside, the artist has developed a sense of unrest that connects all his works. In his whole production, time is suspended between emotions and undefined space. Recently his works has been exhibited at “The Prospectiva pingendi, Nuovi scenari della pittura italiana” in Todi. Actually Danilo Buccella is working at the Art residence in Museum Insel Hombroich in Germany. His works are part of important private and public collections like Deutsche Bank, Museo di Bergamo, Museo di San Marino