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A series of 27 images were taken along the Italian Peninsula over four seasons, which deeply influence the tones of colour and atmosphere. He began to turn the channels of the Venetian Lagoon into abstract images and the streets of historic Matera into colourful labyrinths. Matter, in his photographs, fuse into just form and colour, which then communicate directly with the mood of the observer. 

Giovanni Vecchiato was born in Castelfranco, Veneto, Italy in 1970. He received a degree in Philosophy at Venice University and a MSC at London School of Economics. Vecchiato’s mastery of photography and interest in technical precision began since early childhood.

Selection of images presented at WIZARD GALLERY

Print on Epson Premium Luster 260gsm paper, using UltraChrome HDX inks with Epson SureColor. Printed with the Digigraphie process, it complies with the ISO 9706 standard for museum archiving.