Edgar Orlaineta will take part in the group show “Form and Volume”, curated by Jens Hoffman: NEWS

Rua de Santo António à Estrela, Lisboa 1 December 2020 
Rua de Santo António à Estrela, Lisboa

Last year Cristina Guerra Contemporary art commissioned the third exhibition in honour of the Museum of Modern Art and Western Antiquities with the exhibition of Form and Volume, dedicated to contemporary sculpture and curated by Jens Hoffmann. This new exhibition shows the work of  sixty international artists whose works outline recent developments in sculpture; including Edgar Orlaineta.

The exhibition presents a wide variety of sculptures, from riffs on readymades, to work inspired by historical figurative or minimalist sculpture, to highly idiosyncratic ceramic objects with bright colours. It will also include prints, paintings, rubbings, text, and other kinds of works that are generally not considered sculpture but here comment or expand the definition. The display presents the diversity of contemporary sculpture, acknowledges the contributions the featured sculptors have made to ongoing discourses of art, and probes the question of what it even means to be “sculptural.”

These days, when traditional artistic mediums are being pushed to the margins of art making in favor of digital art, virtual reality, and animation (and when sculptures, when they are created, are often fabricated using sophisticated technical processes such as 3D printing rather than handmade), Form and Volume encourages sculpture to take a self-reflective look at itself by presenting the works as artefacts from a distant era or a decidedly different cultural context.

Rua de Santo António à Estrela, Lisboa  17/11/2019 – 11/01/2020

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© Courtesy of Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art. Photographs: Vasco Stocker Vilhena