Ignazio Moncada. Pittura in scena: SOLO SHOW

6 June - 14 September 2018

Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) is pleased to announce a solo show by Ignazio Moncada (Palermo 1932 – Milan 2012) the inventor of Pont Art, the artistic trend that arises from the idea of bringing painting into the city spaces, on the scaffolding of houses in restoration.
The amazing set-up of the exhibition mixed both the aspiration of large dimensions and the idea of creating an emotional space through the colour. The show collects 62+1artworks that have been made by the artist between 1998 and 2010 and repurposed throw a spectacular and eveloping set-up designed by Ruggero, Ignazio Moncada’ son, in order to safeguarding its memory and curating its reproposal. The artworks are distributed along the walls and on the ceiling of the gallery creating a uniform and inspiring area, in chromatic and expressive terms, following the artist’s attitude. The works that Moncada have made since 1998 are part of a unique serie which is called “The Representations” where the artist investigates the presence and nature of the myth in a work based on the power of colour and on the memory of the ancestral figures of a universal culture, outlining a season of great strength and vivacity, expressed through an intrinsic chromatic energy. Presenting the artistic path of the exhibition, Francesco Tedeschi, curator of the exhibition and of the solo show in Agrigento at Chiaramonte’s factories in 2014 too, wants to underline the theatrical nature of an inspiration that express yourself throw the staging of a unitary production in which shapes and figures belonging to a mythical and invented imaginary appear, showing themselves: “These are signs which recur in this grouping of works, among the most homogeneous of his production, and which deserve to be pursued, captured and if possible interpreted. Some are figures of an organic matrix, like coils vivaciously counterpointed by a decorative epidermis, or tongues-sacks containing traces of colour divided into a myriad of light-points, while others belong more to a constructive and geometric (or geometrizing) source, recalling architectonic structures, essential and off-axis. From one canvas to another the same elements resurface, flowing from the top down (and vice versa) on a two-dimensional plane created by intense chromatic fields that cancel out any spatial scansion of depth, appearing with new positions, with a new role, actors in an ever renewed scene.”
There is an itinerary in Sicily, within the collateral events of Manifesta 12 in Palermo, scheduled from 14th of June to 4th of November 2018 that will narrate “IGNAZIO MONCADA. Through Palermo”. It will start from the last permanent environmental work created by the artist for the Library of Palazzo Branciforte in Palermo, restored by Gae Aulenti in 2012.It will follow in Bagheria with La Stanza dell’Irrequieto in polychrome ceramic at Villa Trabia, a site specific and unpublished work and in Guttuso Museum will take place the temporary exhibition of some large painting. The roadmap will end at the Civic Museum of Castelbuono with La Maga Circe, a work that have been recently added to the permanent collection. Finally from the 23rd of June to the 4th of November in Marsala, at Convento del Carmine it will be possible to visit the extensive retrospective of the artist’s entire production.