Agnese Guido. Hair of the dog: SOLO SHOW

22 June - 14 September 2022
“Hair of the dog” is Agnese Guido's second solo show in the gallery. 

PREVIEW OPENING: June 22nd 2022. 7:00pm-21:00pm

Corso Porta Ticinese 87. Milan 20123.

Hours: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Guido shows us an emotional and symbolic mapping of the contemporary, at times ironic, at times pungent, revealing a fragmented reality saturated with contradictions.
The title "Hair of the dog" -an abbreviation of the expression "hair of the dog that bites you”- is a colloquial expression often used to refer to the glass of alcohol that is consumed after a night out to mitigate the effects of hangover. 
It is often said that, in the face of any discomfort, the cure is found in what mimics the symptoms, such as the idea that everyone carries with them the antidote for their own poison.
Like a "nail that presses a nail" the artist stages the symptoms and dynamics of contemporary living, to desecrate and reflect ironically on our icons, our objects of daily life, our moods, our progress and our instincts.
In Guido’s work on paper "Emotional Map of Late Capitalism”, a series of contemporary folklore icons, the artist shows us the idea of being immersed in a world that is not fully understood, but belongs to us in spite of ourselves and is the result of our memory and our lifestyle.
In the works of Agnese Guido, the gap between objects and human beings is blurred and malleable, and it is often present an anthropomorphic dimension of reality, deliberately recreated by the artist to tell human feelings and the additional meanings that arise from the bond we have with the objects.
The narration is important to Agnes. Each work evokes a dense story, darkly
humorous and often illusory and deceptively naive. With a surreal and symbolic visual language, her works are both a dream escape and a product of the real world that surrounds us.
Agnese Guido was Born in Copertino (LE), Italy 1982.  Lives and works in Milan, Italy