Edgar Orlaineta. A lot of work still is done by hand: SOLO SHOW MILAN

12 April - 16 May 2023

WIZARD GALLERY is pleased to present Edgar Orlaineta's solo exhibition (Mexico, 1972).


Craft is a way to view or approach the world. The moment and space that an object is generated, as it gives form to an idea, hands and mind are put in direct contact not just with the physical world of materials, but also with aesthetic values and cultural systems. The moment in which material is transformed into an (original) object is significant in that the process of transformation extends from the artist’s material to the body, mind and spirit of the artist himself. In this space knowledge is acquired where reality is transformed and created. The space in which a craftsman undertakes his endeavor is neither dreamlike nor pastoral, but rather it is one that constitutes an experienced reality: a place where desire becomes form.

For this exhibition Edgar Orlaineta has concocted all his ways of interaction with the world; in direct contact with matter, with his constant eagerness for collecting and making associations, and finally through the lens of design history. Putting together crafted works that interact with meaningful but cryptic memorabilia and using a method proposed by Joaquín Torres-García where structure comes first; then geometry; then the symbol (the thing); and finally, the spirit.