Bruna Esposito at Maxxi in Rome, Italy

Wall Street Journal Magazine, July 17, 2017

 6 May — 13 Sep 2017 at MAXXI of ROME

Her work is distinguished its her capacity to concentrate on symbols and icons that reference themes dealing with individual and collective identity.

On the occasion of The Place To Be, MAXXI is dedicating to Bruna Esposito the first focus exhibition within the new hang of the permanent Collection.

The installation e così sia…, realised in 2000 on the occasion of the first edition of the Premio per la giovane arte Italiana, today the Premio MAXXI, is a project that involves daily work for over two months. The artist has arranged on the floor of the museum in a circular pattern legumes and cereals to form a left-facing swastika, with an electric hob at the centre and a glass bowl containing bay leaves and water.

A work with a strong symbolic element; a form of propitiatory ritual of positivity and hope which the artist, together with her assistants, recomposes live. The destruction instead lasts just a few minutes, accompanied by a chant.

Screening in the same room is the video Senza Titolo. DVD per la proiezione di un’ombra (2005)that portrays the shadow of a billowing flag on asphalt: a kind of dance with sudden or otherwise imperceptible movements. A flag is also featured in the photograph Oltremare (2006). A blue drape is bathed in the reflections of the ocean depths; overturned, the flag disappears along with its usual identifying meaning, disguising itself with the sea.

Lastly, Occhi (2016) is a series of macro photographs of fish eyes that seen so close suggest primordial or cosmic landscapes, black holes or craters, that seem to have the strength to attract us within them.