Edgar Orlaineta. Reviews

LESLIE MOODY CASTRO, FRIEZE Magazine, November 17, 2013

History is the centrifugal force operating within the walls of Edgar Orlaineta’s exhibition ‘La Historia, Ella Misma y Yo’ (History, Itself and I). It ebbs and flows through sculptures that operate as historicized, hybridized, then syncretized forms, expressing an obsession with modern art and design.
The space is hidden behind an elevator shaft and along one of Museo del Chopo’s many stairwells. Compared to the other window-lined, cavernous spaces that define the museum, the gallery given over to Orlaineta’s work is closed, quiet, warm and meditative. It is a long and narrow hall punctuated with a bright red wall and filled to the brim with an ambitious number of sculptures and works on paper. Things lean against the wall, jut into the normal flow of traffic, are suspended from the ceiling. Yet, each thing that threatens to make the room feel like it is about to burst its seams is placed with obsessive consideration which makes everything feel perfectly balanced both horizontally and vertically.