Edgar Orlaineta. ZONAMACO Diseño

Anna Sansom, The Design Edit, February 10, 2022

‘Bastum’ bench by Edgar Orlaineta and Perla Castañón at CGN

Visual artist Edgar Orlaineta teamed up with industrial designer Perla Castañón to make this playful bench with a rhythmic row of wooden dowels spanning its entire length. Revisiting traditional carpentry with a contemporary twist, the bench can be produced with rods in either black or red stains. Represented by Casa Gutiérrez Nájera (CGN) from Querétaro, northwest of Mexico City, the duo have also created the ‘Falbalá’ chair that employs moulded steel sheets, in pink, purple or red, over a wooden framework. Beyond upcycling a humble construction material, what makes the chair nifty is the attention to detail in the scalloped edges of steel along the sides.


Edgar Orlaineta and Perla Castañón, ‘Bastum Bench’, 2021
COURTESY: Edgar Orlaineta and Perla Castañón & ZONAMACO Diseño