Ohne Titel French - Argentinian, b. 1976

 Ohne Titel (Florence Drake del Castillo) 1976, Paris, France. Lives and works in London, UK.


MEMORY PRINTS is about re-conceptualizing memories, archiving them through a cleansing process of abstraction. They surged from the remaining bits of some faulty analog pictures that I just couldn’t throw away, for they were cap- turing cherishable moments and loved ones. I did some collage tests on paper to later tear off the glued photographs which led me to all sorts of different patterns. These appear as an intuitive language of biomorphic abstraction: shapes that can seem strange and yet uncannily familiar to the human eye. Beneath these patterns lay a recollection of thou- ghts, ideas, and particularly images that I sift from my own reality and surroundings. Through layering, intertwining diffe- rent materials and techniques, I transform those representations into paintings. The outcome is a collection of abstract and unsubstantial memories, traces of intimate yet unidentified stories.