Gregory Bae – 45° 28’ 0’’ N, 9° 11’ 0’’ E: Solo Show

3 February - 22 March 2017

Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) opens its 2017 season with the first European solo exhibition of Gregory Bae (Salt Lake City, 1986). The American artist confronts himself in his first show in Milan, with a mixture of different cultures: the one of the country where he was born and in which he lives, the USA, and the one belonging to his roots, South Korea. The artistic production of Bae has references in time and space by taking inspiration from geography; space-time continuum; laws that govern the Universe and from numerical data. The artist has a practice based on painting and drawing as a starting point, refined and meticulous, as well as installations made of machines and specific every day objects distorted into different meanings. He approaches art while mainly focusing on what controls and concerns the human being. Gregory calculates – and tries to block – the Earth and Sun’s movements; the planet as an object; the relationship between East and West; cosmological radiation, and observes motion. All these actions remain personal to Bae, yet are decided in a return to order. After Orients, a solo show at the Chicago Urban Art Society he developed after a two-year residency in South Korea, Bae in Milan will create, inside the central room of SPAZIO 22 – FL GALLERY, a counterclockwise path revealing his most well known installations – “24-7, 365”; “Traces”; “Negative Space”; “It Shall All Be Mine”, works realized and re-produced specifically for the gallery in Milan to illustrate a body of work that Bae realized between 2014 and 2016. The starting point of the exhibition is a fundamental piece dedicated to Milan: “One Coinciding Moment Felt in Rotation on 06.22.16 Milano/ 06.23.16 San Francisco”, a video shot at the same moment from two different sides of the world, USA and Italy, when the sunrise and sunset coincided, shown in the middle of the room.