Giovanni Rizzoli: Solo Show

9 - 31 January 2013

Giovanni Rizzoli has researched on the possibilities of art through drawing, sculpture and painting, as well as installations. This exhibition, Rizzoli’s first solo show in Milan, is dedicated to a specific research that the artist carries on since 1990, painting with the intravenous drip. The author has realized this form of painting, which he calls objective, in the past; especially on tondi (circular canvases) of varied dimensions upholstered with diverse kinds of fabrics. In this exhibition there will be on display, on top of the tondi, rettangoli aurei draped in white and black silk, three Origine du monde in white silk and three in black silk. On the ground floor of the gallery, a historical piece by Giovanni Rizzoli will be presented, La Dormeuse with the intravenous drip dated 1991.


Painting with the intravenous drip is a way of painting that does not allow any choice beyond the moment of aperture and closing of the switch and of the position of the needle, called “butterfly needle”, on the fabric.


Giovanni Rizzoli has chosen to dedicate this exhibition exclusively to the painting with the intravenous drip because he finds this practice, which he started twenty years ago, anthropologically topical: unlike the experiences of several artists of the Sixties, more specifically Lucio Fontana, it is the formal act that links the expression of a human condition to that one of the time of illness and healing; the new possibility of developing a kind of painting that turns out to be symbolic, erotic, but at the same time uncontrollable, and therefore, it is painting as answer, almost as divination.