Below The Light: GROUP SHOW

30 October 2007 - 10 January 2008
MP & MP Rosado Angelo Mosca Bruna Esposito Igor Ekinja Jürgen von Dückerhoff Abdelkader Benchamma


MP & MP Rosado. The two Spanish twins have created a series of works exclusively for this exhibition. From a series of photos taken before the refurbishment of the new space in via Domodossola, MP & MP have created painted works and collages proposing an hypothesis of transformation of the gallery itself. These works are an imaginary documentary: the history of space...

Angelo Mosca. He works and lives between London and Milan. He shows two paintings, made in London, that seem like a ripped vision of reality. Una donna che ha letto.
Bruna Esposito. She presents a video: The Shadow of a Flag; its identity isn’t recognizable. It is the identity of all the flags.

Igor Eškinja, Croatian artist. He lives and works between Vienna and Rijeka. He presents a few, inedited, big size photos from the series Made in:side.
Jürgen von Dückerhoff, young German artist. It is his first time in Italy. He shows a series of small size works that analyse the theme of light through a probing work of scratches on book pages.

Abdelkader Benchamma, young French artist. He has studied a wall painting just for the space of via Domodossola. His works, black and white only, represent a desolating universe through images of irony with the use of an impossible perspective.



Opening: October 30, 2007 at 7p.m.

Until January 10th

Federico Luger Gallery
Via Domodossola 17, 20145 Milan
open Tuesday - Friday 15.30-19.30.