“Hurricanes,” Diango Hernández’s second solo show

Maria Chiara Valacchi, ARTFORUM, January 12, 2016

“Hurricanes,” Diango Hernández’s second solo show at Federico Luger’s new gallery in Milan, takes as its starting point the specific site of intervention: The space is a former strong room in which the artist has metaphorically enclosed seven of the most disastrous hurricanes of the twentieth century, all of which passed through Cuba: Diane and Ione in 1955, Flora in ’63, Hilda in ’64, Camille in ’69, Agnes in ’72, and Marilyn in ’95. The artist thus transforms an area of refuge into a theater of disclosure. Like that of Castro’s revolution, the history of each of these violent natural disasters becomes part of Hernández’s memory and, in carrying out his research, he translates his findings into a sign-like alphabet of his own invention.


Translated from Italian by Marguerite Shore.