Meyer Vaisman returns to the fold

Zoë Lescaze, ArtNews. Art in America, June 17, 2014

Meyer Vaisman burst on to New York’s downtown art scene in 1980, and swiftly became one of its brightest stars. The Venezuelan-born artist was hailed as one of the “Fantastic Four” alongside Ashley Bickerton, Jeff Koons and Peter Halley, constituting a quartet credited with leading the Neo-Geo movement. Experimenting particularly with commercial and photomechanical reproduction, Vaisman explored questions of authorship while infusing his multimedia work with acute irony and humor. He famously co-founded the East Village gallery International With Monument, which became legendary as the Neo-Geo nexus, exhibiting then-emerging artists such as Sarah Charlesworth, Richard Prince and Laurie Simmons, among many others.