Anastasia Belous b. 1987

Anastasia was born in Kiev in 1987 and since 2006 lives in London. She went to art school in Kiev and got an MA in History of Art (UCL, London).
Anastasia studied classical painting techniques and creates figurative compositions to date counting two main series of work.
First, the gorilla series is the philosophical take on portraiture. Here Anastasia paints a portrait of a person as a gorilla in attempt to shift the borders of what is human. The canvases show classically painted large apes in human roles of the artist, the philosopher, the priest.
Her late work from these series was exhibited in the 250th Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.
Second large series of work is the Pond Series, showing interaction between a human and the inhabitants of lakes and seas. Here the fish becomes a host to you in their natural habitat, a peaceful neighbour. Anastasia often portrays herself as the swimmer in these fish ponds and the fish is always very near. Including herself in these canvases showing beautiful scenes of nature has nostalgic personal connotations to her childhood. These paintings are the spots on the wall for the eye to rest, the intention of the painter was to take the viewer away from the busy urban space into the space of tranquility and peace.
Since 2015 Anastasia started creating large murals and currently has 7 walls in her portfolio. With walls the subject matter is site specific and localised to the viewer.