Out of the blue: GROUP SHOW

19 October - 19 November 2006

On the 19 of October the Federico Luger Gallery opens…


The exhibition presents some contemporary researches which stand out for their ability to comunicate, by using different registers, the osmotic relation between reality and imagination.


Fabrizio Braghieri lives in Milan. Among his recent exhibitions: New York Photo fair (New York); “Draws”, Drawing Biennal (London);the two collective  “Allarmi 2” at the De Cristoforis barracks in Como and “Caftani d’Autore” at the Triennale Palace in Milan (2006).

The artist presents a work which is half way between drawing and ambiental installation: he dreams he is training a neverending line of ants, asking them to draw on the gallery’s walls and floors, forms that, when interpreted in a ironic way, offer to the spectator further interpretations. The artist actives thus a game of cross references between the ants’ tingling, the one produced by the electric current and the one generated by art magazines. A semantic blackout which has always been the distinctive element of the entire Braghieri’s poetics, a painter and sculptor whp is always been fascinated by the verbal misunderstanding, by the linguistic incident.


Igor Eskinja lives and works between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. With the Federico Luger Gallery – which has recently organized his solo exhibition “Reality Check”- he took part to the Present Future section in Artissima 2005. He spent periods of study in Italy (Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa), Germany ad United States (ISCP-New York).

Eskinja, thanks probably to his cosmopolitan education, is an artist who perfectly belies the common belief that sees eastern art as unanimously committed to social criticism and  political action, and limited to a purely horizontal vision of life. His work presents, in fact, a depth and, at the same time, a capacity to rise from the mere objective data, being able thus to go beyond the minimalistic dimension, which is the most evident formal feature. He actually carries on a research on space and perception, in order to reveal the fictitious – or at least relative- nature of our representations. The political component, is present only in an indirect way in his work, through a metaphisical conception of art, able to express truly subversive concepts, through a neat, essential, almost mistical language.


From the capacity to contemplate reality with a visionary gaze, start also the artworks presented by Piero Gatto, whose mission seems to be the one of a cosmonaut appointed to explore the uncertain border between reality and dream, between the proportion – which necessarily characterises the work of art as a res– and the disproportion of the human imagination’s space. The exhibition presents a selection of the works recently shown in the solo “Catus Major”, at the Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery in Neaple.


Diango Hernandez, who graduated at the Institute of Design in l’Havana (Cuba), lives and works between Germany, Italy and l’Havana. In 2006 the Kunsthalle di Basilea, the Pepe Cobo gallery (Madrid) and the  Alexander&Bonin gallery (New York) have organized his solo exhibitions. He took part to the 51st edition of the Venice Biennale (2005), to the 27th San Paolo Biennal (2006) and to the Sidney Biennal (2006).


His works enter perfectly in the international artistic debate, despite the fact that they explore problems specifically linked to the cuban situation, such as the scarcity, caused by the embargo, not only of goods, but also of materials and of good quality design products. The on paper projects of his “impossibile machines”, have an almost leonardesque aspect and reveal the role of Utopia in the course of history, but also the necessity to enroot imagination in  reality. The surrealism of his works, therefor, never appears as a game made for the sake of it.


Luca Vona