Attila Szűcs Hungarian, b. 1967

1967 Born in Miskolc, Hungary
Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary


Since the early 90’s I’ve been making traditional oil-canvas paintings. As a starting point, I often use media images, newspaper cut-outs, postcards, film-stills. When painting, I concentrate on such high density moments, when our everyday experiences and viewing practices become obsolete while decoding. I create empty spaces around the objects of thoughts and figures without defining them in a preconceived notion. It is the distance and the concentrated attention on absence that rules my relationship with painting. What I am most interested in is the search of interpretation of knowing and not-knowing, the way they are able to extinguish one another. I collect inspiration from the rubbish of collective memory, which I then re-interpret through the reality of painting. I attempt to dissolve the already defined and often false structures, and introduce new types of looking in a peculiar formal and compositional levitation, where the paintings’ vacuum-like state partially originates in the loneliness of represented elements, and partially from the transformation of metaphysical into universal.


Solo Exhibitions

2021 Abundance of doubt and wonder, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest

2020 Transhuman etudes, Centrul de Interes, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Solo Show, Wizard Gallery, London / Milan
Az eltűnés intenzitásai, A38 Hajó, Budapest
Art Market Budapest 2020, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest
2019 Solo Show with Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), Art Verona PAD12, Stand H14, Verona
Rajzok, Pannonhalmi Bencés Gimnázium Galériája, Pannonhalma
2018 Portraits from the beginning of the XXI century, Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), Milano
Inside the Black Box, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest
2017 Preparing for Lightness, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Düsseldorf
Transients, Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre
2016 Waiting for the Unknown, Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), Milano
2015 Vertical Attractions, Erika Deák temporary Munich Gallery, Munich
2014 The End of Gravity, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest; Still Light, Kieselbach Gallery, Budapest
2013 Still Light, Kepes Institute, Eger; Planking and Dreaming, (with Éva Magyarósi), balzerARTprojects, Basel
2012 Planking, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest; Introduction to Planking, Gallery A38, Budapest; New Paintings, / with Alexander Tinei /, Galerie Hussenot, Paris; Strange Light, / with Alexander Tinei / Tajan, Paris; Nightfall – Pavillon Schloss Molsberg, Molsberg
2011 Close to Eclipse, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Cologne
2010 Exits, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest; Proper hand position, Eger, Templom Gallery; The Hidden and the Revered, Priska C. Juschka Fine Art, New York; Loneliness shines, Berlin Selected Artists, Berlin
2009 A place to die, Irokéz Gallery, Szombathely
2008 Paintings, Lada Project, Berlin; Looking for a found object, ACB Gallery, Budapest; Something about light, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Cologne; Attila Szücs – Galerie Zuid, Antwerp
2007 Bubble Memory, WAX Museum, Budapest; Paintings, Gallery Zuid, Antwerp; Inside Out, Municipal Gallery, Zalaegerszeg
2006 Buster Keaton, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Köln; Bubbleworld, acb Gallery, Budapest; Attila Szücs – Buster Keaton – Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Cologne
2005 Dead Souls, acb Gallery, Budapest; Living Souls – Irokéz Galéria, Szombathely
2004 New Pictures, Tylers Museum, Haarlem; Local News from Nowhere, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff, Köln; Attila Szücs – *Local news from nowhere* – Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Cologne
2003 Introduction to Losers, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest; New Pictures, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2002 Clean-rooms – Kiscelli Múzeum – Fövárosi Képtár / Municipal Picture Gallery, Budapest
2000 NEW PICTURES – Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest
1999 “…and only alwas pictures…” – Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest


Selected Group Exhibitions


MYTHOS WALD - FASZINATION UND FURCHT, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Aurachmühle Sägewerk Rumplmayr, Aurachmühl 3, Neukirchen

TRAVEL GUIDE, IOMO Gallery, Bucuresti, Romania

JCDecaux, street art, Budapest
A REMÉNY ÓVÓHELYE, Kortárs Művészeti Intézet-(ICA-D), Dunaújváros
TOP10-MAGYAR-KORTÁRS, Vaszary Galéria, Balatonfüred
ZONAMACO 2019, Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), Mexico
ARTMARKET BUDAPEST 2019, with Erika Deák Gallery, Millenáris, Budapest
ARCANA, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
DER REIZ DER DINGE, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Sägewerk Rumplmayr Neukrichen, Österreich
MIART 2019, Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), Milan
IN YOUR TRACE, Buda castle, Budapest
PUBLIC PRIVATE AFFAIRS, ArtMill, Szentendre, Hungary
THE CHARM OF THINGS, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Sawmill Rumplmayr Neukirchen, Austria
ART COLOGNE 2019, Erika Deak Gallery, Cologne
PREPARING FOR DARKNESS, Vol. 3: I’m Not There, Kühlhaus Berlin, Berlin
FLORAL CENTREPIECE, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
JUST BENEATH REALITY, Marina Gisich Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
ART DÜSSELDORF 2018, Erika Deak Gallery, Düsseldorf
DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH, Art-Mill, Szentendre, Hungary
SUMMER ART SALON 2018, Kodl Contemporary, Prague
PREPARING FOR DARKNESS, BSA, Kühlhaus Berlin, Berlin
A MAN IS A MAN TO ANOTHER MAN, Alšova Jihočeská Galerie, České Budějovice
MAGIC, Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Molsberg
NO MORE SECRETS!, ArtMill, Szentendre, Hungary
ZONAMACO 2018 FL Gallery, Mexico
ART COLOGNE 2018, Erika Deák Gallery, Cologne
ME, MYSELF AND I, Galerie Artdocks, Bremen, Germany
139 X NOTHING BUT GOOD, Park-Platform for visual arts, Tilburg
ARTEFIERA 2018, FL Gallery, Bologna
DISRUPTIVE IMAGINATION, Vitvarneho Umeni V Ostrave Gallery, Ostrava
BLÜTEZEIT/VIRÁGKOR, Austrian Cultural Forum, Budapest
ARTMARKET BUDAPEST 2017, with Erika Deák Gallery, Millenáris, Budapest
PASSION, Galerie im Park, Bremen
BOMLASZTÓ KÉPZELET, Művészetmalom, Szentendre, Hungary
AUTISM AS METAPHOR, Szt. István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár, ICA-D Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros
INDEPENDENT, with Erika Deak Gallery, Vanderborght Building, Brussels
IMMANENCE, Pictura Groningen, Netherlands
HALLUCINATION, Galerie Artdocks, Bremen
MIART 2017, with FL Gallery, Milano
ARTEFIERA 2016, with Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), Bologna
Crossroads Art Show 2016, with Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), London
Wasted Time, ArtMill, Szentendre, Hungary
Contemporary East, Sotheby’s, London
UNDER COVER, Gallery Artdocks, Bremen
This is not poetry! (collapse of emotions), Smetana’s Creative Litomyšl, Czech
Goalpost-Football in the Hungarian Contemporary Fine Art, ICA-D, Dunaújváros
GEM/GAMEclip, Déri Museum-MODEM, Debrecen
STANDING IN FRONT OF OBJECTS, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest
ARTEFIERA 2015, Erika Deák Gallery, Bologna
The NUDE in the XX & XXI CENTURY, S/2, London
ON THE RUINS OF THE GOLDEN AGES, Kieselbach Gallery, Budapest
VIENNACONTEMPORARY 2015, Erika Deák Gallery, Wien
Szabad/Idő – Free/Time, ICA-D Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros
Art Market Budapest 2015, Millenáris, Budapest
Sightseeing – Public Art Documentation, Szatyor Art Space, Budapest
Summer group-show: “Quadri a parete”, SPAZIO 22, Milano
Re-Planning, MODEM, Debrecen
TOP 10, Brody Studios, Budapest
VACATION-SIMULATOR, ICA-D Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros
CONTEMPORARY PARAPHRASES, Army Headquarters building of the Buda Castle, Budapest
OFF-Biennale, Planking Project, Prezi Court, Budapest
NIGHT ON EARTH, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Berlin
Aether, Galerie im Park, Bremen
Levegőt, ICA-D Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros
Vakáció-Szimulátor – Public Foundation for Modern Art, Dunaujvaros
Off-Biennale Budapest 2015 – OFF-Biennale Budapest, Budapest
Contemporaries: Collectors and Artists – NEW BUDAPEST GALLERY, Budapest
Grand Opening – Galerie Artdocks, Bremen
Turning Points – The twentieth century through 1914, 1939, 1989 and 2004. Contemporary art exhibition –
Hungarian National Gallery – Magyar Nemzeti Gáleria, Budapest
Szabad/id – Free/time – Public Foundation for Modern Art, Dunaujvaros
The Geometry of Sublime. Selection from the Antal-Lusztig and Vass Collections – MODEM Centre for Modern and
Contemporary Arts, Debrecen
Papier – Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Munich
On Paper, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest
PSYCHOGRAM Gallery Oxholm, Copenhagen
Free-Hand Drawing in Hungarian Fine Arts Now and Before, MODEM, Debrecen
Painting II.FrissirasMuseum, Athens
Nightfall, Rudolfinum, Prague
The World won t listen, BSA, Horsens, Danmark
Interaction – Art Quarter Budapest (AQB), Budapest
The Deceit of the Flesh – Frissiras Museum, Athens
György Simó Collection – Godot Galeria, Budapest
Nightfall, MODEM, Debrecen Poznan Biennale, Poland
Schatzlager, Galerie Emmanuel Walderdorff , Cologne
In the Darkroom of Writing, Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland
Fragile Welten, Haderslev Kunstforening DK, Denmark
Flying – Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Svätopluk Mikyta und Attila Szücs – Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Cologne
Reloaded – A Selection From The Collections Of The Kovács Gábor Art Foundation – Kogart haz, Budapest
Nightfall – New tendencies in figurative painting – MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen
Mediations Biennale 2012 – Biennale Office: Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan
What Is Hungarian? – Mucsarnok Kunsthalle, Budapest
Alexander Tinei & Attila Szücs – Galerie Hussenot, Paris
Foreign Matter – Surrealism in the Attraction of Reality – Selection from the Antal-Lusztig Collection – MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen
Romantikken vender tilbage – Det gamle Havnekontor, Haderslev
Schatzlager – Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Cologne
Face to Face: The artists and the collector – Frissiras Museum, Athens
Budapest Tales – Scheublein + BAK, Zurich