Federico Luger Italian - Venezuelan, b. 1979

Born in Milan, 1979. Lives and works in Milan and Maloja.
Federico  studied drawing and painting at the Armando Reveron Academy in Caracas. Then in Accademia Di Brera, Milan.
Federico Luger is known for his diverse and innovative works in the realm of conceptual art, each characterised by a profound exploration of ideas and concepts. Luger's art often blurs the lines between reality and illusion, with a particular focus on the relationship between space, identity, and perception. His works frequently challenge conventional artistic boundaries, inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue that questions established norms, encourages critical thinking and provoke intellectual and emotional responses, prompting a deeper consideration of the complex interplay between art and the human experience.
Luger’s interest in art is not circumscribed by the work itself but also extends to the context in which the work lives and is enjoyed, to the thought that generated it and the study that created it. His artistic practice takes the form of an intuitive and experimental analysis in continuous development through various media, above all painting, to which he flanks the creation and curatorship of such projects and shows as The immigrants, Venice 2013; Advertising the Paradise, A Pick Gallery, Turin 2020; Net Jumps, Allegra Ravizza Gallery, Lugano 2021.